Long Term Leak Sealing

Long-term leak sealing without shutdown

STOPKiT® Long-term model protects and reinforces the repair by overmolding the STOPKiT® Temporary with a polycarbonate shell filled with 3X specific resin. It is mainly used for sealing leaks created by external damages.

In such a configuration, the repair resists to external damages and becomes sustainable. In addition this innovative design avoids product dismantling or sabotage.

Several versions of STOPKiT® Long-term are available depending on the environment, pipe diameter and defect size.

STOPKiT® Long-term Onshore
Long 2

The box includes yellow belt(s), patch (50 x 100mm or 100 x 100mm), stainless steel bars & bolts, retaining straps, shells and resin kits.
(the number of each component depends on STOPKiT diameter)

Pipe diameter From 4’’ to 56’’
Pipe temperature -20°C / +80°C (-4°F / + 176°F)
Patch size 50 x 100mm 100 x 100mm
Maximum defect size Ø≤ 10mm Ø≤ 50mm
Maximum pressure 80 bars / 1160 psi 30 bars / 435 psi
3X specific resin R3X85
STOPKiT® Long-term Implementation Steps
Long S 1 1 STOPKiT® Temporary
Long S 2 2 Prepare the surface
Long S 3 3 Encapsulate the STOPKiT®
Long S 4 4 Fill with the resin
Long S 5 5 Curing time: 30 minutes