Beam Protection Against Corrosion


DKiT® is a combination of several epoxy resin products, developed to protect beams against corrosion. It is applied on the lowest part of the support, on the junction area of the structure basis which is the weakest part due to corrosion development.

This multi-layer product is made of 3 specific coatings:

  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Waterproofing coating
  • Anti-UV and impact protective coating
Beam 2 Before
Beam 3 After
Beam 4 Before
Beam 5 After
What is it used for?
  • Avoiding corrosion
  • Ensuring structures integrity & sustainability
  • Protecting against weather
Where to use it?
  • Any concrete surfaces
  • All metallic parts emerging from the ground
  • Any kind of support and structure designs
Beam 6
Which are the benefits?
  • Avoid complex and costly maintenance
  • Avoid stopping traffic and/or production
  • Easy, fast and cost-effective installation
  • Applicable on wet supports
DKiT® Implementation Steps
Beam S 1 1 Surface preparation Sa 2.5
Beam S 2 2 Anti-corrosion resin application
Beam S 3 3 Waterproofing resin application
Beam S 4 4 Protective coating application