ROLLERKiT is a patented innovation by 3X ENGINEERING for pipe and support protection against corrosion. It can be used as preventive or curative repair system.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, ROLLERKiT can also be used as an impact protection shield (erosion prevention, thermal insulation protection).

Pipe Repair Rollerkit 3
Pipe Repair Rollerkit 4
What is it used for?
  • Avoiding contact with trapped water on support
  • Preventing from further corrosion on support
  • Protecting pipe section at support area
  • Avoiding galvanic effect
  • Protecting from impacts
Where to use it?
  • All type of pipe supports
  • Any pipe diameters from 4" to 56"
  • Friction area
  • Onshore and offshore installations
Which are the benefits?
  • Long-term service lifetime
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliable integrity
  • Non-metallic solution
ROLLERKiT® Technical Details

ROLLERKiT has been engineered according to ASME B31.1. It is made of technopolymer PPS pads thermo-welded on glass fiber fabric and epoxy resin. The type of resin depends on the environmental conditions: onshore or subsea.

Pads are designed to support the weight of the pipe. Glass fiber fabric ensures the pads assembly, and applied with the resin on a corroded surface, it will stop the corrosion.

ModelØ Pipe O.D. (inch)ApplicationResinLength / xWidth / Thickness (mm)
ROL-28 4" to 28" Temperature:
-30°C / +150°C
F3X8 3000 x 160 x 8
ROL-56 30" to 56" Temperature:
-30°C / +150°C
F3X8 3000 x 300 x 12
ROS-28 4" to 28" Subsea P3X32 3000 x 160 x 8
ROS-56 30" to 56" Subsea P3X32 3000 x 300 x 12
Pipe Repair Rollerkit 5

The box includes 3 meters of pads, sets of resin, belts, pendulum and spatula

A single kit allows 17 to 28 repairs according to pipe diameter

ROLLERKiT® can be installed on pipe or on support
Rollerkit 6
ROLLERKiT on pipe

Depending on the level of corrosion, ROLLERKiT can be applied directly on the pipe for superficial corrosion or on the composite repair in case of severe corrosion.

Rollerkit 7
ROLLERKiT on support

Both ROL-28 and ROL-56 can be used for ROLLERKIT on support.

ROLLERKiT® Implementation Steps
Rollerkit S 1 1 Pipe surface preparation
Rollerkit S 2 2 ROLLERKiT preparation
Rollerkit S 3 3 Resin application
Rollerkit S 4 4 ROLLERKiT application
Rollerkit S 5 5 Pipe on support