Damaged pipe reinforcement & composite repair for subsea application

REINFORCEKiT® 4D SUBSEA (R4D-S) is an advanced permanent composite repair system for subsea pipes.

The original 3X ENGINEERING concept is an association of Kevlar® tape and specific bi-component epoxy resin that polymerizes underwater.

R4D-S is a wet lay-up system wrapped helicoidally by external application around the pipe in order to bring the mechanical resistance to the damaged pipe section.

In accordance with ASME B31G, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8, ISO/TS 24-817, ASME PCC-2, DNV-RP-F101, DNV-RP-D101 & DNV-OS-F101 standards, this patented product is recommended to repair and reinforce pipes operating between +10°C to +50°C, suffering from internal or external corrosion defects and mechanical damages in subsea environment.

We have developed our own software called Reinforcekit Engineering Analysis (R.E.A) to design the composite repair and define the material requirements in accordance with existing international standards. For subsea operations, we provide our technical team to manage your divers and ensure the respect of the implementation.

This subsea composite wrapping technique is a very cost effective solution because each underwater repair requires less time than any other techniques. Moreover, it can easily be applied by trained divers.

What is it used for?
  • Reinforcing subsea pipes affected by internal or external corrosion
  • Repairing subsea pipes suffering from dents and mechanical damages
  • Preventing subsea pipes from further deterioration
Where to use it?
  • Suitable for straight pipes, welds, elbows, tees
  • Any subsea pipe diameters
  • Risers, splash zones
Which are the benefits?
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Cost efficient
  • No heating or post-curing required
  • Online repair (no shutdown required)
  • No overload on corroded pipe
R4D-S® Main Characteristics
Pipe diameter No limitation
Pipe temperature +10°C / +50°C (+50°F / +122°F)
Fiber Kevlar®
Resin R3X1050S + P3X32 Primer
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 1 1 Surface preparation (sandblasting)
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 1 2 Filler application
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 1 3 Primer application
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea S 4 4 Kevlar® tape impregnation with resin
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 1 5 R4D®-S wrapping over the pipe
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 2

R4D-S® Special Tool: BOBiWRAP

Composite wrapping machine for subsea application

BOBiWRAP® is an advanced machine designed to wrap composite materials over damaged or corroded subsea pipelines. It ensures a regular overlap and tension of the tape during wrapping.

After more than 24 months going through conception, development and manufacture, the first tests have been performed in the Port of Monaco in November 2012. The efficiency of the machine co-patented by TOTAL and 3X ENGINEERING was demonstrated.

Underwater, trained divers can now proceed with the repair by dividing by 3 the operating working time compared to traditional wrapping solution.

Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 3
What are the benefits?
  • Fast subsea installation & easy wrapping
  • Perfect tension & overlap of the tape during wrapping
  • Diver friendly : easy handling, the machine can be controlled by only 2 divers
Which are the main characteristics?
BOBiWRAP Technical Characteristics*
Dimensions Length: 2050 mm Width: 880 mm Height: 850 mm
Weight (in air) About 250 Kg
Repair capacity Minimum length: 100 mm
Maximum length: 1000 mm
Minimum diameter: 8"
Maximum diameter: 12"
Material Stainless steel, aluminium, bronze
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 1

R4D-S® Prepreg Tool: BOBiPREG

The BOBiPREG® is a prepreg system designed by 3X ENGINEERING to perform a quick impregnation of the Kevlar® tape with the resin. This device is very useful during the implementation of R4D-S®, for which the tape has to be impregnated before immersion.

How does the BOBiWRAP work?
Composite Pipe Repair Subsea 1
Which are the benefits?
  • Regular impregnation resin/fiber
  • Time saving during installation